We have A New Way of identifying senior livings specific to each individual need. We are here to support you and your loved ones and make this a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

  1. Unique Profile. We will create a profile for each individual based on their needs and wants. This includes looking at their social needs/wants, medical background, and amenities needs/wants. We also have built similar profiles for each individual senior living community to make sure you find the appropriate forever home.
  2. Local Touch. We are a local company with local representation. We schedule and join you on the tour for each community, have a network of local specialist, and assist with any other needs you might have when looking for a senior living community.
  3. Clinical Expertise. Although we are not a clinical company and do not offer in-home clinical services - we do have clinicians that we work with for assessments. This helps you understand the type of senior living you or your loved one may be appropriate for.*

A New Home Senior Living Solutions is a free service for individuals and their families searching for a senior living community.  Our fees are paid for by our participating communities.

This assessment does not take place of assessments that senior living communities may be required to do in accordance with state and federal guidelines. We do not offer clinical services and this should not replace healthcare services that each individual has, including but not limited to: Physicians, Home Care Services, Home Health, Hospice, Outpatient therapy, and any other healthcare services you a receiving).